One of our goals is to support excellence in education. In the Central Florida Section of AIChE, we firmly believe in teaching children early about the fundamentals, joys, and possibilities in the fields of math and science. We understand there are many challenges that arise in teaching our youth. Each school year we offer a variety of programs designed to encourage education in the math, science, and engineering fields. We also like to show our support for AIChE student chapters by sponsoring chapters at the University of Florida, the University of South Florida, and the Florida Institute of Technology.

    The College Scholarship Program was designed to provide financial aid for bright chemical engineering students located in the Central Florida area. 

    The Elementary and Middle School Grant Program was designed to provide financial aid for classroom projects which enhance the learning of science and math for students. This is done to provide educational opportunities which would otherwise not take place and to encourage students who have the potential to become engineers in the future. Grant amounts vary depending on the project scope and estimated expense. 

    Finally, every year we like to recognize a Teacher of the Year in secondary science and math. Two Central Florida teachers are chosen and honored at our April Dinner Meeting. Each teacher honored receives a plaque, an award for the teacher, and an award for the teacher's school.

    We are excited about these programs and look forward to increasing the quality of science and math education in Central Florida!