Education Grants for Elementary and Middle Schools Located in Central Florida

    Each year the Central Florida Section of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) provides grants to elementary and middle schools in Central Florida to assist in projects which will enhance the study of math and science. This is done to encourage students who have the potential to become engineers in the future.

    Grant requests should provide for the cost of equipment, supplies and other expenses which are needed to complete a well thought-out project. The goal is to provide educational opportunities which would otherwise not take place. The school receiving the grant must be located in Central Florida between latitudes 27ᵒ N and 29ᵒ N. Grants range from $300 to $2000.

    Grant requests will be judged on originality, benefits versus cost, implementation plan, number of participants, life of the equipment and value to the students. Signed grant applications are to be received by October 23, 2020 for the 2020 - 2021 school year. Applicants can expect to be notified of grant approval by the end of October. Grant funding should be received by the end of November.

    Completed applications should be scanned and emailed to teach[email protected].

    Grant Application

    For questions or more information, please contact [email protected].