AIChE Central Florida March Dinner Meeting

    March 12, 2019
    6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
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    Hilton Garden Inn - East Tampa / Brandon
    10309 Highland Manor Drive
    Tampa, FL 33610
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    The use of any therapeutic agent (drug) requires that it reach its respective site of action within the body.  Oral administration and injection are two common methods for getting these agents into the body.  This works for many types of therapeutics; however, these methods of administration do not work for some that are very effective.  The reason for this is that some highly efficacious agents must get into the living cells of the body to work, but their molecular structure inhibits them from diffusing through the membranes that surround the cells.  All DNA (genes) and many chemotherapeutic agents suffer from this problem.  Electricity can be used to temporarily break down the barrier properties of the cell membrane to allow transport into cells.  When combined with these agents, it provides a delivery method that allows intracellular access which allows them to be efficacious.  Research on combining electrical delivery methods with transport limited drugs and DNA began in the USF Department of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering about 25 years ago.  Research has progressed from fundamental experimentation to the first clinical trials in humans.  It has included developing many electrode systems for locally applying electricity to a variety of tissues and tumor types along with pulsing protocols that deliver molecules without damaging cells.  An overview if this research and development will be provided along with information about how the technology has now been adopted by industry to develop treatments for specific diseases.  Some of these treatments will be available in the next few years. 

    Speaker:  Dr. Mark Jaroszeski

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