College Scholarship Application

    Application Requirements - Deadline to Apply is March 27, 2020

    1) Fill out and submit this online application form

    2) Provide 2 letters of recommendation to Brittany Bravo via this form or by mail

    3) Send official transcripts to Brittany Bravo via mail

    Brittany Bravo Address:

    Brittany Bravo (ArrMaz)
    4800 SR 60 E
    Mulberry, FL 33860

    Eligibility Requirements

    To be eligible for this scholarship, the requirements below must be fulfilled:

    1. Must be a declared chemical engineering student currently enrolled at either FIT, UF, or USF

    2. Must have successfully completed the entry-level chemical engineering course at attended university as described below:

      • FIT - CHE 2102 Chemical Process Principles 2

      • UF - ECH 3023 Material and Energy Balances

      • USF - ECH 3023C Material and Energy Balances

    3. Must submit online application form, 2 letters of recommendation, and transcripts no later than March 27, 2020

    4. Scholarship recipients must be able to attend the April 14, 2020 AIChE-CF Student Night Dinner Meeting to receive funds (extenuating circumstances considered)

    By completing this online application, you are indicating that you meet all of the above eligibility requirements for this scholarship.

    Permanent Address

    Important: This scholarship application is not complete until the 2 letters of recommendation and the official transcripts are also submitted to Brittany Bravo in addition to this online application form.