Index of Clearwater Conference Papers

    1977 - 2018

    Please note, the index is currently under revision

    Please Note:The presentations at the AIChE Clearwater Conference provides a forum for the free exchange of ideas. Opinions expressed herein are not necessarily the opinions of the Central Florida Section of AIChE. 

    The AIChE paper archive are scans of papers available, Not all papers are available here. Please contact the authors for copies. All papers herein are the copyright of the Authors and AIChE Central Florida Section, and may not be redistributed or copied without the authors permissions.

    1. Catalysts 9. Material Handling 17. Rock Grinding
    2. Clarification 10. Materials of Construction 18. Safety
    3. Energy 11. Mining & Beneficiation 19. Scrubbing
    4. Environmental 12. Miscellaneous 20. Sulfuric Acid
    5. Evaporation 13. Phosacid Filtration 21. Water Treatment
    6. Granulation 14. Phosphate General 22. Mixers
    7. Gypsum 15. Phosphoric Acid 23.
    8. Instrumentation and Control 16. Pumps 24. Workshops


    This index was initially prepared by Don Chamberlain and has been updated by Neil Greenwood, Randy Charlot, Cheryl VanArsdall, Bill Tinley, Jennifer Stoudt and Robert Andrew.

    Thanks to Ray and Joe Schneider, Paul Waters, John Martinez, Tino Prado, and many others for providing copies of past papers.