Conference Schedule




    Friday Workshops

    Friday 1PM - 5PM

    Friday Hospitality Suites

    Friday 5PM - 9PM

    Saturday Technical Sessions

    Saturday 8AM - 1PM

    EWC2 Spouses Brunch

    Saturday 9AM-11AM

    Science Party

    Saturday 10AM - 11:30AM

    Saturday Hospitality Suites

    Saturday 5PM - 9PM


    Friday Workshops

    21st Annual Sulfuric Acid Workshop: Steam Systems in Sulfuric Acid Plants 1-5PM

    This year’s Sulfuric Acid Workshop will focus on various aspects of engineering, specification, fabrication, operation and maintenance of heat recovery steam systems utilized in the sulfuric plants including waste heat boilers, superheaters, and economizers. The Workshop will include a review of specifications, fabrication, quality control, steam purity, steam quality, water treatment, and maintenance.

    The session will include presentations that will be geared towards practicing engineers with various degrees of exposure to the sulfuric acid process, plant operation, and plant maintenance. The Workshop’s objective is to assist engineers in evaluating the operation and the maintenance of their plants. It is necessary for engineers involved in plant operations to fully understand the variety of issues. Following the presentations, there will be a panel discussion providing participants an opportunity to have their questions answered by our distinguished panel of experts in the industry.




    Rick Davis

    Davis and Associates Consulting

    Boiler Code Objectives and Limitations

    Andrés Mahecha-Botero


    Process Design Considerations for Steam Systems

    Mike McGuire


    Fabrication of the Equipment

    Ed Doe


    Quality Control and NDE

    Edward Sylvester


    Monitoring of Deaerator and Steam/Condensate Systems for 900 psig Steam Generators


    PE Laws and Rules and Engineering Ethics 1-3PM

    The Florida Administrative Code (FAC) section 61G15-22.001 requires that each professional engineer registered in Florida shall complete eighteen professional development hours during each license renewal biennium as a condition of license renewal. One hour is for Laws and Rules and one hour is for Engineering Ethics. And 16 hours is to be in the area of practice and pertinent to the practice of engineering.

    AIChE-CF (A state approved Continuing Education Provider) is offering a one hour course for Laws and Rules and one hour for Engineering Ethics to be held on Friday, June 8, 2018, from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. The second 2 hour session on Friday afternoon and the four hour sessions on Saturday morning can be used as pertinent to the practice of engineering. To obtain certification, you must attend the full session of the section for which you need credit. You must also supply your P.E. number on or before Friday, June 8, 2018, and you must have your attendance verified by proctors.

    Your provider information is as follows:

    Provider Number 0003323
    License # 195

    Participation in the Saturday morning technical sessions on June 9th, or the Sulfuric Workshop on June 8th, will satisfy the Areas of Practice or pertinent to the practice of engineering requirements.

    NOTE: We MUST have your correct Florida PE Number before the conference to issue PDH Credits!!! We will issue a certificate which you may file with other states for credits. We Do Not report credits to any state outside Florida

    Communication Skills Workshop 3-5PM

    “How to be the Person who Always Asks the Right Questions” - Innovation on a Daily Basis

    Join us for this 2-hour workshop to learn how to be known as the engineer who always asks the right questions. It’s not a super-secret technique even though it seems the movers and shakers of your organization use it frequently. Whether you want to bring more ideas to the table, increase the problem-solving ability of your team, or just look good in front of the boss, this workshop is for you.

     Participants will learn how to:

    • apply tried and true techniques in a practical way
    • listen for the right opportunities
    • address situations when others aren’t open-minded
    • shorten prep time for meetings
    • get action from your team


     We will:

    • examine the dynamics associated with generating and refining ideas and solutions in a team environment
    • review methods to keep the innovative mindset throughout the day
    • have fun while learning as it is Friday afternoon!


     All Conference participants are welcome to attend. Send any questions to

    Saturday Sessions

    Two concurrent technical paper sessions will be held on Saturday Morning from 8AM-1PM. Our scheduled speakers have experience in many fields and will highlight upgrades in technology and industry best practices.

    Session 1



    Energy Efficiency – The 5th Fuel

    Eric Coffin, PE, CEM

    Corrective Action and Grouting Plan to Seal Gypstack from Aquifer

    David Jellerson, The Mosaic Company

    Corrosion Resistant Process Equipment for Hot Phosphoric Acid Processes

    Wayne Moroz, Mersen

    Innovative Solutions for Cadmium and Arsenic Removal from Phosphoric Acid

    John Lampariello, Solvay

    Scale Inhibition for Evaporators in Phosphoric Acid Plants

    Paul Wiatr, Nalco

    How to Achieve the Expected Performance in your Agitated Slurry Tanks

    Todd Hutchsinson, Philadelphia Mixing Solutions

    Reducing Stack Emissions from an Existing DAP Plant: Part 2 – Post Startup

    David Ivell, Jacobs

    Continuous Electrokinetic Dewatering of Phosphatic Clay

    Dr. Mark Orazem and Arthur Dizon, UF


    Session 2



    Cost Effective Boost of Plant Performance with LEAP5 Catalyst

    Mårten Granroth, Haldor Topsoe

    Effective Management and Utilization of Lime Sludge Ponds

    Phong Vo, The Mosaic Company

    Fuming Acids Storage Tank Cleaning/Decontamination/ Inspection Best Practices

    Mark Salzbrenner, Veolia

    Advancements in Modern Sulphuric Acid

    Dirk Scheckrieter, Thyssenkrupp

    The Seven Deadly Sins of Mist Eliminator Operation and Maintenance

    Evan Uchaker, MECS/DuPont

    Mosaic/CanSolv: 5 Years Later

    Paolo Olis, The Mosaic Company and Nicolas Edkins Shell Cansolv

    Water Dilution Systems for Silicon Alloy Pump Tanks

    Henrik Vekselius, Noram

    A Phosphate Pioneer’s Experiences, Contributions, and Good Advice

    Sam Houghtaling


    Other Activites

    We have lots of other activities for the entire family.

    • Spouses' Brunch at the Mainstay Tavern brought to you by EWC2 9-11AM
    • Science Party by MOSI 10-11:30AM