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    Friday Workshops

    Friday 1PM - 5PM

    Friday Hospitality Suites

    Friday 5PM - 9PM

    Saturday Technical Sessions

    Saturday 8AM - 1PM

    EWC2 Spouses Brunch

    Saturday 9AM-11AM

    Science Party

    Saturday 10AM - 11:30AM

    Saturday Hospitality Suites

    Saturday 5PM - 9PM


    Friday Workshops

    21st Annual Sulfuric Acid Workshop: Heat Recovery from Acid Plants 1-5PM

    This year’s Sulfuric Acid Workshop will focus on various aspects of engineering, specifications, and operation and maintenance of heat recovery systems from the energy rejected from the acid system. The Workshop will include a review of various systems to recover “low” energy from the acid system. The traditional sulfuric acid process rejects this energy to a cooling water system and is lost. This Workshop will review technical and practical options available.

    The session will include presentations that will be geared towards practicing engineers with various degrees of exposure to the sulfuric acid process, plant operation, and plant maintenance. The Workshop’s objective is to assist engineers in evaluating the operation and the maintenance of their plants. It is necessary for engineers involved in plant operations to fully understand the variety of issues. Following the presentations, there will be a panel discussion providing participants an opportunity to have their questions answered by our distinguished panel of experts in the industry.




    Rick Davis

    Davis & Associates Consulting

    Heat Recovery Overview

    Herbert Lee

    Jacobs Chemetics

    Heat Recovery in Sulfuric Acid Plants: Turning Costs into Profits

    Garrett Palmquist

    DuPont MECS


    Hannes Storch


    Design Philosophies to Improve Plant Safety and Operability

    Clark Nelson

    Clark Solutions

    SafeHR Heat Recovery Technology

    Andres Mahecha-Betero


    Increasing Energy Recovery in Sulphuric Acid Plants

    Other Workshops TBD 1-5PM



    Saturday Sessions

    Two concurrent technical paper sessions will be held on Saturday Morning from 8AM-1PM. Our scheduled speakers have experience in many fields and will highlight upgrades in technology and industry best practices.

    Session 1




    Pexgol Pipe Material for Mineral Processing - Temperatures up to 230°F

    Aviv Scheinman


    History Leads to Innovation and Development of Major Sulfuric Acid Plant Equipment

    Leonard Friedman and Samantha Friedman

    Acid Engineering & Consulting

    Ma’aden Umm Wu’al Sulphuric Acid and Power Plant

    Michael Angeli, Harry Panos, Brennan Afelskie

    SNC – Lavalin

    Advanced Injector Technology for Increased Molton Sulphur Injection Efficiency

    Bandish Patel

    Spray Solutions 

    Protecting Water Quality Using Natural Treatment Systems: Applications of Large-Scale Sand Filters and Constructed Wetlands for Improving Mine Water Quality

    Mark Tumlin, James S. Bays, Rafael Vazquez – Burney, and Jim Butner


    A New Approach to Migrant Iron Control in Industrial and Power Generation Steam Systems

    Tom Ni


    Food Waste Reduction and Resource Recovery through the USF Campus Food Waste Recovery Project

    Kara Panesar and Shelby Peterson


    Effect of Recirculation on Passive Onsite Wastewater Nitrogen Removal Systems

    Daniel Arnulfo Delgado



    Session 2




    Turnkey EPC Solutions for Material Handling Systems Case Study – Material Handling System of a Phosphate Terminal for a 4,000 TPH Rail Unloading System

    Lucien Richard

    Pegasus and PHB Weserhutte

    Gypsum Stacking Technology – 2019 Update

    Ashraf Riad, pH.D., P.E. and Mohamad Al-Hawaree, P.E., P.Eng., with Dr. Nadim F. Fuleihan, Sc.D., P.E. (Posthumously)

    Ardaman & Associates

    Purification of Fertilizer Grade Phosphoric Acid by Partial Precipitation

    Faustino Prado and Pavlina Nikolova

    Prado and Associates

    The Umm Wu’al Phosphoric Acid Plants – A Success Story

    James Byrd and Sal Nsheiwat

    Jacobs and Mosaic

    An Innovative Approach to Granulation Design

    Robert Tinsley


    Optimizing Axial Flow Pumps in Evaporator Circuits

    David Krebs


    Next Generation Impeller Configuration to Address Phos Acid Reactor Foaming

    Todd Hutchinson

    Philadelphia Mixers

    Improved Equipment Design for Phosphoric Acid Concentration Loops and Defluorination Systems 

    Andre Boucat

    SGL Carbon


    Other Activites

    We have lots of other activities for the entire family.

    • Spouses' Brunch at the Mainstay Tavern brought to you by EWC2 9-11AM
    • Science Party by MOSI 10-11:30AM