“How to be the Person who Always Asks the Right Questions”
“How to be the Person who Always Asks the Right Questions”
Innovation on a Daily Basis
3:00 - 5 PM
Carissa Giblin, Key Insight Consulting
Join us for this 2-hour workshop to learn how to be known as the engineer who always asks the right questions. It’s not a super-secret technique even though it seems the movers and shakers of your organization use it frequently. Whether you want to bring more ideas to the table, increase the problem-solving ability of your team, or just look good in front of the boss, this workshop is for you.

Participants will learn how to:
• apply tried and true techniques in a practical way
• listen for the right opportunities
• address situations when others aren’t open-minded
• shorten prep time for meetings
• get action from your team

We will:
• examine the dynamics associated with generating and refining ideas and solutions in a team environment
• review methods to keep the innovative mindset throughout the day
• have fun while learning as it is Friday afternoon!

All Conference participants are welcome to attend. Send any questions to Carissa@keyinsightconsulting.com